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13 official weight loss thrusts

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The official acupressure method is an ancient Chinese therapeutic technique. That is to say, it is a therapeutic method that removes many ailments from the body by massaging the major official points of the body. The official massage therapy improves the body’s functionality by allowing the body’s energy to flow evenly throughout the body. This is a traditional medicine theory with a history of more than 2000 years. Giving push-ups to the main body points helps keep the body healthy through recovery and rejuvenation.

It is said that weight loss can be achieved by improving the body’s metabolism through this official push-up technique. Today we are going to tell you about 13 unique official locations for this. Massage for these pressure points restores the body’s energy flow and gradually loses weight as the organs and systems receive better energy. Doing these simple massage treatments on a daily basis will give you better and more effective results. Keep in mind that the basic rules to follow in formal thrust care are to be calm and relaxed. Get enough oxygen to the body by doing breathing exercises (deep breathing) before you start.

01.Thrust point – the point on the trapezius muscle

This point is located at the point where the neck and shoulders meet at the back of the spine (located linearly above the nipple). Apply pressure to this area for a minute. Apply pressure to the area where the shoulder and neck meet on the other side. Do this daily.

02.Thrust point – nose bridge on either side of the upper corner of the nose

The center between the corner of the eye and the upper part of the nose. Push from the corner of the eye to the nose.

03.Thrust point – The point in the middle between the eyebrows

It is natural for us to touch this place when we feel tired. Pushing to this point has been found to be effective. Apply a gentle pressure to the middle part of the eyebrows above the nostrils for a minute.

04.Thrust point – breastbone

The celiac plexus, located near the thorax, is the area closest to the nerve endings. Pushing this point restores the body’s strength and helps to lose weight. Push this spot for about a minute every day.

05.Thrust point – ear

The point between the forehead and the ear. Massage this area with pressure for about a minute.

06.Thrust point – abdomen

There are a number of large pressure points in the abdomen. They can accelerate the flow of energy in the body through pushing as well as make it easier to lose weight. Select one of the points shown in the image. For example, massage the point below the navel with two fingers, applying pressure to this area for about a minute. Doing this on a daily basis will give you results.

07.Thrust point – points on the abdominal muscles (abdominal sorrow)

These two points are located in the abdomen just below the chest area. Massage your upper abdomen. Do this daily.

08.Thrust point – elbow

The inside of the elbow is the most effective thrust point. Apply pressure to this area for a minute.

09.Thrust point – knee

Official push-ups for the knees are very effective. Massage these areas daily, applying pressure.

10.Thrust point- Ankle

Massage the inside and outside of your ankles thoroughly daily for at least a minute. It enhances the benefits to the body from your daily formal push-ups

11.Thrust point – upper lip

Massage the area above the upper lip daily for about a minute with pressure.

12.Thrust point – hand

Massage this point, located between the outer part of the hand and the middle finger, for about a minute daily.

13.Thrust point -bottom

Massage daily into the official points shown in the picture. It activates your body’s metabolism and makes the body healthier.

Make this a part of your daily weight loss routine as pushing these points can easily speed up weight loss as the digestive process and metabolism gradually improve. These official thrust treatments will help you reach your goal.

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