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8 tips from Japan to stay in shape

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Japan has the highest life expectancy in the world. Japan also has one of the world’s thinnest and healthiest nations. This is because only about 3% of their population is obese. This is mainly due to their attitude towards nutrition.

There is a nutrition system recommended by the Japanese government and it is already actively operating in Japan. Created in 2000 by several Japanese ministries, the system is called the Japanese food guide spinning top. So in this article we are going to give you some tips related to this process which helps people in Japan to maintain a slim body without diseases.

  • 01.An important part of this Japanese diet is to eat more carbohydrates than small amounts of fat. They are also advised to avoid sugary foods, salty foods, processed foods, and sugary drinks
  • 02.Every product is divided into different categories. It also contains the recommended number of meals in each category. Meal size varies according to gender and age. This system initially consists of cereals and cereals. This is followed by vegetables (fresh, processed or soup), followed by meat and fish, and finally fruits and dairy products taken twice a day
  • 03.Not only the food we eat but also the way we eat is important. It is a tradition in Japan to enjoy every meal they eat. The Japanese recommend finding the optimal rhythm for each person’s body and eating at the same time each day
  • 04.The Japanese diet is divided into local, international and one-year meals
  • 05.The Japanese always get a balanced diet. There they prepare a meal that is one of each meal. For example, a Japanese schoolboy’s daily lunch consisted of meat, fish, rice, miso soup, a cup of milk, and fruit
  • 06.They care about developing children’s attitude towards nutrition from an early age. They see lunch not as a break but as part of the education itself. No child is disturbed or disturbed while eating and they are given ample time to eat heartily. Also, the student should clean his desk after eating
  • 07.They try to maintain a balance between getting a moderate number of meals, the amount of food consumed and the number of calories expended. Depending on the amount of food they eat, they burn calories through a variety of physical activities
  • 08.The Japanese do not approve of eating pre-cooked food or eating long after cooking. They prefer to cook fresh produce instantly
  • 09.Thus you will understand that the Japanese diet is very easy to understand with transparency. Choose fresh produce that suits your local diet and eat carefully with everything you eat, such as minimizing the intake of fats and sweets
  • 10.Although simple, this pattern is very effective. The effectiveness of this Japanese diet, introduced in 2000, was confirmed by research and presented to the public in 2016. During this time, Japanese scientists have studied the eating habits of some 80,000 Japanese over a period of 15 years
  • Accordingly, it was found that the mortality rate among the people who followed this program recommended by the government has decreased by 15%. So if you want to incorporate this Japanese diet into your life, this is the perfect time to do it
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