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About us
“Sharing knowledge for a better tomorrow”

Who we are?

 ‘Lifetipsclub.com’ is a private blog written by a group of enthusiasts
who believe it’s important to share knowledge in a good way than wasting your
time hopelessly. We are currently operating from Sri Lanka and developing
relationships with many countries. Our authors are gathering and researching
various fields to gather the latest gossips and facts to bring you the absolute best and accurate day to day tips.
 We do not promote or advertise any brand on this website. We do not earn any
profit from these recommendations. Most importantly, we are only giving you the
best choices you can make on a certain problem. On the learning platform, we are very careful to see through the accuracy of the facts that we display. As you can see, we are a very reliable way to get answers to all your problems.

What do we do?

With the uprising effects of globalization modern day has become very
complicated for a normal lifestyle. Going to work, buying your food, going to the
cinema isn’t what it was 50 years ago. You can’t spare your time asking how to
choose your insurance plan or how to make sure your diet is an appropriate one for you by having a chat with your neighbor. Everyone is busy. So, we came up with the idea to share even the little tips that make our life a bit easier. To bring that idea to a wider reality we made this website so that everyone can easily reach our community.
As social media and their aggressive marketing strategies keep rising it is very hard to identify a good product from everything we see. Everyone tries to earn some money from companies for recommending their product. People keep believing whenever they see something on the internet and get disappointed after buying these products. This situation was the very reason why we are doing this project. We do not want to deceive our beloved readers. Any product that is mentioned in our website does not fund us for recommending. We are simply giving out the honest results of our researches.

There are many sources you may find on the internet about many mind-blowing
facts but their accuracy is not convincing. But here we gather every little detail and bring the best to words only after finding the truth about these tips. From choosing the better food from the market to understanding the science behind your daily problems we’ll cover you no matter how hard it is. All of our authors do a variety of researches before writing these simple understanding posts to make sure it is universally understood.

A bit from our history

The start of our service runs way back to years and it all started when our chief,
who is the owner of a growing business had this idea. His sole purpose was to
create a group that shares valuable true information rather than wasting your time on social media. So, the group was there but we thought letting everyone know about our knowledge to help everyone out. As this grew day by day all of us came to the idea of bringing our website so that anyone from across the globe can join us without any difficulties. After many efforts and a bit of investing we were able to bring this idea a reality.
We are still at the start of this wonderful mission but it will keep growing as time
passes. The articles you find here are not only the result of advanced research but also the simple words of our authors. They work on every article to make these tips simply understandable by anyone from 5th grade to a retired person.

How we function

Each day is a new beginning for us here at lifetipsclub.com. Early in the morning
we begin and search for all the hot stuff that surf through the internet and gather
them. Later every hot news is divided among our team. Then we make researches on this news and take every bit of what we can gain and make sure they came from a trusted source. After that, we process these into words with the help of our brilliant authors.
Currently, we are functioning from Sri Lanka with a staff that expands through
every corner of this beautiful island. Our head office is situated in Kandy and
branches are growing as we speak. News, gossip, and tips from all over the globe are making their way through our staff and get researched.
Using the latest technologies and reliable sources we tend to bring what you need to your display within hours as we find them.

Connect with us

Have some amazing tips that might help someone make their day a bit better?
Write to us or contact us. We are always ready to take ideas from our beloved
readers. Saw something on our website that you cannot quite understand? Ask us! We are always ready to help you. Have a problem that is not quite easy to find answers about? Maybe our bright researchers and authors might know something about it! Have any complaints about our service? (which has never happened though!) Feel free to contact us regarding the issue. So, what more to think? Don’t waste time hesitating ask right away!
Put your Email address in the News letterbox and get notified about everything we bring you daily. Think of us as your new social media site.
Feel like joining us so you can help others? There may be a slot for you with us.
Contact admin for more information.

Contact us

Mailing address: Lifetipsclub, Batapola rd, Ambalangoda, Sri Lanka
Telephone: +94711427330
Email: [email protected]

“We believe as humans it is important to share whatever we find helpful to
others. At lifetipsclub.com we try to make everyone’s life a bit easier by
sharing what we gain through the help of modern technology. We hope it is the help you needed for your busy lives. Sharing is Caring!”

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