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Five reasons to Shortness of breath when climbing stairs

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What is your choice between stairs and elevators? Most likely the elevator. One of the reasons many people think of it as the easiest way is to not feel the stifling, strenuous fatigue of climbing an elevator. Obesity is not the only cause of fatigue when climbing stairs. Why does that happen?

01.You may have had some health problems

Fatigue is normal after climbing a flight of stairs. However, if you experience symptoms such as chest pain – swelling, swelling in the legs or ankles, or cough – you should see a doctor immediately for advice and treatment. These may be early signs or symptoms of an internal health problem.

02.Your body is not well warmed up

Be sure to do warm-up exercises before exercising. It warms the muscles of the body, gradually increases blood flow and provides good oxygen to the body, and warming the body can reduce the risk of accidents.

03.Climbing a flight of stairs is like an exercise

So, climbing a flight of stairs without any prior preparation can cause severe discomfort to the body. Climbing stairs in a hurry makes it difficult for the body to start resting and becoming active at the same time. In a very short period of time, as the body exerts more effort to get enough oxygen to the muscles of the body, the heart rate begins to increase rapidly. As a result, the body naturally begins to feel very tired.

A different energy system is used to climb the stairs. It is called the ‘phosphagen energy system’. It is a system that energizes the muscles to perform intense activities in a very short period of time. A limited number of specific molecules are used to activate this energy system. Therefore, it is normal for the body to feel short of breath when engaging in high-speed activity for a much shorter period of time than the fatigue felt after a long period of cardiovascular exercise.

04.The muscles in your body may get tired quickly

There are 2 types of muscle fibers in the body:
Slow-twitch fibers and fast-twitch fibers. If you are an experienced rider, running long distances may not be such a problem. This is because of the slow-moving muscle fibers. They do not get tired quickly and do not contain much power or strength. However, fast-twitch or fast muscle fiber is used for quick activities such as climbing stairs. There they get tired quickly.

People who do not work out more often than those who do not exercise or exercise can get tired enough to breathe easily.

If you have trained your endurance through running, you have been using slow muscle fibers for a long time. They depend on aerobic metabolism. But, as you climb the stairs, all that is needed for that short-term rapid process is anaerobic metabolism. It produces carbon dioxide and hydrogen, which are more sensitive to endurance athletes than the average person. For this reason, it can be difficult for someone who has been trained and exercised to be able to easily climb stairs and exercise without frequent exercise.

05.Here’s how to make the stairs easier

Instead of the elevator, always choose to climb the stairs. It is very good for the functioning of your body. Frequent stair climbing will gradually alleviate the discomfort you may have felt in the early days. Sprints, (short sprints), jumps, or other high-energy activities that require rapid stimulation and exercise can be practiced. Perform exercises such as squats and lunges that strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and legs. Preparing the body in this way minimizes body fatigue.

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