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Here are 15 foods that can easily relieve joint pain

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Lifestyle is a common problem in the world, including in Sri Lanka. These 15 foods can bring you unexpected healing.


Grapes – Special of these. Grapes especially contain Proanthocyanidin, cures inflammation and pain in the joints.

Citrus fruit – Aul in Sinhala. Vitamin C also boosts the immune system and relieves joint pain.

Cherry – Sugar-free cherry drink for about three weeks can be a powerful remedy for arthritis, especially in women.


Spinach – Kaempferol is a chemical that helps in relieving joint pain.

Broccoli – A vegetable that is rarely used by Sri Lankans. Brings a lot of relief to arthritis.

Soy – But not directly from soy-based foods, omega-3s and a lot of minerals are good sources of healing.

Red beans – Can be bought in supermarkets in Sri Lanka and cures joint ailments. Protein, folic acid, iron, magnesium and potassium enhance immunity.


Yellow – A little expensive now, but the best remedy for arthritis is a chemical called Crosin, which is not found in other spices, so it effectively cures arthritis.

Ginger – Surveys have proven to cure 63% of knee pain. Ginger is not allergic at all. Let’s add a little more food and say goodbye to knee pain.

Garlic – Incredible results. As prescribed for many ailments and rheumatism.

Green tea – It is a well known fact that green tea is a healthy drink that can relieve inflammation and pain due to a chemical called polyphenolic.

04.Other foods

Fish & Fish Oil – Rich in omega 3 and vitamin D, it helps relieve pain Eating fish does not cause any health problems.

Cereal Diet – Isn’t it for the first time that we know that a diet made from a combination of several types of meditation can bring relief to arthritis?

Low fat dairy foods – Foods like milk, yoghurt and cheese can provide unexpected relief for joint pain.

Walnuts, Pistachios, Almonds – Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin E boosts immunity and relieves pain.

Try and tell us how to relieve pain from unexpected foods.

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