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Here are 5 simple ways to prevent constipation

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Constipation or not passing stool properly is a very unpleasant experience. This condition can be caused by dehydration or by not eating enough fiber. So the easiest way to prevent constipation is to make small changes in your diet. In this article we will present 6 easy ways to prevent constipation and make you defecate without any pain or discomfort. Also, do not miss the bonus section at the end of the article which mentions a mistake that many people make in the toilet!

01.Drink lime and honey tea

Mix lime and honey in water and make a tea. Honey acts as a laxative and helps to reduce the sourness caused by lime. (Laxative is a substance used to reduce constipation and facilitate defecation) Lime Acts as a natural stimulant for detoxification and digestive system.

02.Drink more water

A man should consume 3.7 liters of fluid daily and a woman should consume at least 2.7 liters of fluid daily. The main cause of constipation is dryness and stiffness in the stool. Water and fruit juices are best for constipation. Apple and pear juices are good for choice as they act as natural laxatives. A person with constipation should avoid caffeinated beverages and sodas. Because they act as diuretics, they stimulate the excretion of body fluids instead of hydrating the body.

03.Eat more fiber-rich foods

Fibrous foods act as natural laxatives to help retain water in the stool. You need to add 20-35g of fiber per day to your diet to pass stool easily. Fiber-rich foods include apples, carrots, and whole grains, as well as whole grains such as pumpkin, sesame, sunflower, and flaxseed. But people with hemorrhagic diseases, intestinal obstruction, people with high blood pressure and pregnant and lactating mothers should avoid eating flaxseed.

04.Get laxatives

Flaxseed, sorghum and psyllium have laxative properties that can soften the stool. If you suffer from constipation, eat them and drink plenty of water. If you do not like to eat these directly, try teas and supplements made from these ingredients available in the market.

05.Add yogurt to the diet

Although people with constipation are often advised to stay away from dairy products, this rule does not apply to yogurt. Yogurt contains probiotics such as bifidobacterium longum or bifidobacterium longum (Bifidobacterium longum / Bifidobacterium animalis) which makes it easier to defecate without pain.

Bonus: There is a correct way to sit in the bathroom

The most common method of sitting in Western-style toilets is to keep the body straight and maintain a 90-degree angle between the thighs and torso. But it is a misnomer. When sitting like that, the rectum narrows due to the pull of the pubic rectus muscle. It is actually a muscle band that wraps around the end of the large intestine like a ring. When held at a 90 angle between the hips and thighs, this muscle strain does not allow the dead body to open well.

Therefore, the correct posture to sit on while defecating is a slightly inclined posture with an angle of 35 between the thighs and the spine. If you want to make that posture easier, use a small bench to hold your feet.

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