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How to Create Facebook Avatar On Android Mobile & IOS

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You may be thinking of changing your Facebook profile picture from a casual photo to an Avatar. These days your newsfeed may have dominated by those Avatar profile pictures. It is very easy to create a Facebook Avatar on Android mobile & IOS. Let’s see what the steps that you have to follow are. These are very easy to follow.

1. You have to set up or log in to the Facebook account.

You have to log into the Facebook account first. You can use an Android or IOS app for this. The app can be easily downloaded from the Google app store or Apple’s app store. 

  1. Open the Menu of the Facebook app.

There are three horizontal lines on the interface which stand for more options. Or you can swipe right a few times to access the menu option. 

  1. Select Avatars

You can see many options on the screen. But you have to select the “see more” option to access the “Avatar” option. Now you are ready to create your Avatar.

  1. Selecting the Skin Tone

First, you can select the skin tone. There are 27 options available, and all that you have to do is select your preferred one. 

  1. Select the hairstyle.

Then you will be directed to select the hairstyle of your Avatar. There are three different hairstyles you can go through. Short, medium, and long are those three. Select the hairstyle that suits you. Then tap the color icon.

  1. Select the face.

Now you have completed selecting skin tone and hairstyle. Next, move on to the face icon. You can select the shape of the face, complexion as well as face lines concerning your preferences. Now you have customized the face. 

  1. Select Eyes

Tap on the eye icon. Now you have to select an eye shape, color, and lash length. At this time, you can also move into the Eyebrows icon. Select the brow color as well as the shape. If you prefer glasses, you can also try it. 

  1. Select the Nose and Mouth

Now it’s time to select shapes of nose and mouth. You can add lip color. If you are a lipstick lover, select the best suitable color for your face. Facial hair also can be added at this time. 

  1. Select the Outfit

Now you have to select the body shape of the Avatar. You can also select the outfit that matches to your Avatar. There are various types of accessories available. You can add a hat, cat ears, or scarf to the outfit. 

  1. Finish the Atar

Now have finished making the Avatar. Just tap the checkmark icon, which is in the upper right corner. Then tap Next. After that, Done. 

Now you can share the Avatar on Facebook and also comment on the Avatar on posts.  

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