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How to cut a Pomegranate Easily

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A huge amount of people love to eat pomegranates because of their rich nutritional value and unique taste. Pomegranates are coming from the berry family and it is classified as a super fruit. People love to add Pomegranates to their diet plans since they do not contain cholesterol or saturated fats .But cutting the fruit and preparing it ready to eat is not that much sweet because so many people don’t know how to do it properly. Pomegranates season will start soon in the coming September to December. So, this is the best time to learn how to cut a pomegranate correctly. Cutting up pomegranates can be a messy and time taking process for those who do not have prior experience. Today we will talk about simple hacks to crack this chore successfully. In the end, we hope there will be a great combination with pomegranate cutting and you.

The Best knife to have a good cut

How to cut a Pomegranate Easily

Most of the time people do not think they need separate fruit knives in their kitchens. But after buying a specific knife to cut your fruits you will gain lots of benefits. These knives are specially designed to cut the fruit without damaging the internal parts and producing less wastage of juice of the fruit. Easily you can buy a fruit knife-like pure Komachi, Recon, or HIC squirt free. Not just only pomegranate but also other fruits in your diet will be benefited by using a fruit knife. Now do not worry if you do not have one. Postpone it until your next grocery shopping time to buy it. For today you may use the usual one.

Step one -take out the top flower

The word pomegranate means apple with many seeds. This special apple has a flower-like part. The little pinkish flower-like part is the stem of your pomegranate. As the first step, you should remove the flower-like part on the top by using a soft edge off that paring knife. You should cut it at an angle removing the cone. In other words, remove the approximate slice ¼ of an inch of the stem. Then you can position the fruit very easily on the cutting board.

Slash the sections.

Now in your pomegranate, you can see flat sides as well as Regis and ribs. Therefore, it is not exactly perfectly round. The number of flat sides and ribs different according to various shapes of pomegranate since it is not even fruit. If you look down in the fruit you can notice that. Now start at the place of a previous cut then spell just down to the bottom from the skin. The experienced chefs always say you must hold the knife and cut a circle at a shallow angle around the crown of the fruit.

Shallow cut

It is important to look entirely around your fruit. There are several smooth creatures along the outside of the pomegranate. Now cut those features just through the skin from the upper part to stem end. It will be good to make about six or five cuts. Having deep cuts is not that much of a good idea with this fruit. Do not panic if it is too hard to find out the ridges; try to make several smooth cuts. If you do not avoid cutting into the seeds it will create a mess and will split juice all over the cutting board.

Open it gingerly

Normally one pomegranate has more than a thousand seeds. After scoring all the ribs it is time to open the fruit broadly. Firstly, input your thumb inside the cut of the flower at the stem end. Then press against the opposing part of the pomegranate watchfully and firmly. Now gently pull apart the cut along the lines you have scored in the skin. Now the inside parts will separate along the natural boundaries. If you have made five cuts or six, you can pry open those 5 or 6 sections. Before you open the whole fruit, which is already cut, place it on the large bowl then you will not lose any seeds that will pop out naturally.

Time to eat or serve.

In the end, you now have sought segments and the central rod which was associated with the stem previously. You can divide these segments along its natural boundary to make a nice handy snack like a small chunk. As a result, you have clean and less messy pomegranate chunks that raise the appetite. Arrange it on a plate which is good at serving freshly. It is much healthier eating freshly since pomegranate gives you special antioxidant, antiviral and anti-tumour properties.

Revealed that red seeds

If you need just only the Ruby red seeds it is easier to remove the seeds with your hand or with the help of a spoon. Just take one of the segments at the time, turn its seed side down towards a bowl and whack it with a spoon. Now the seeds are coming out itself. If you can have a container with water, put those seeds into water. The left pieces of the membrane will float on the top level of water and seeds will sink to the bottom of the container. After that, you can easily separate unwanted membranes and have clean seeds.

Avoiding stains

Most of the time you may have experienced that stains and cutting a pomegranate are interrelated. After you have done stripping the fruit, it is better to put them into water to avoid stains on your countertop. Then put the seeds into a container then make sure to be careful about the time you are eating it. Sometimes seeds fall onto a light copper while getting squish which can cause stains. Now it is time to eat immediately and you can store in the refrigerator in the sealed container to use within two or three days.

Choosing a better container  

Sometimes you may not be aware the pomegranates are particularly acidic in a natural way. So, it will react with metals such as aluminium, copper, or carbon steel. Consequently, there are possibilities to create toxic compounds that are unhealthy for our bodies. Hence it is also important to choose the better container. If you are about to choose a container, ensure that it will be healthy to avoid those steel containers. Plastic or glass containers are most compatible with pomegranates when making juices, serving, or storing it in a refrigerator.This fruit can be stored up to 2 months in the refrigerator without cutting it.

Pomegranate deseeding machines

You may be surprised to hear that there is a specialized machine to this above task. Using a machine to peel pomegranates is a more sophisticated and developed way. There are various types of machines. All are used in the industrial basis and hotel field. These machines are specially designed to wash the fruits, peel them, deseed, and whack the flesh for future use. The whole process is done automatically. Nowadays there is simple plastic equipment which you can use at home at affordable prices. You can exactly deseed 1 or 2 pomegranates in less than 60 seconds with this innovative new deseeding equipment. This will save you time as well as increase the habit of eating pomegranates.

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