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How to easily pick the Perfect Watermelon

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It’s truly hard to find one who doesn’t love watermelon at all. Since the summer has stared itself this watery cool juicy fruit will make your day pleasant even more. Among apples berries and peaches the watermelon is one of the best deals in a hot climate. You cannot ignore the nutritional value of this also. Even with 92% of water amount the fruit consists of vital vitamins like A, B6 and C. Also there are antioxidants and amino acids with fewer amounts of calories and fat percentage. So this amazing fruit is a wise choice in your diet. So many of us love to it but hate to pick the one. You need some practice in that. Anyway, don’t worry if you don’t have one, because we‘ll help you. We’ll tell you how to be tricky enough to pick a good ripen one without wasting your money.  So, let’s find out how to pick a perfect watermelon. 

Have a good look at the shape. – How to Pick a watermelon 

How to pick a watermelon

Naturally, the watermelon has a universal oval or round shape. This fruit grows in different sizes and shapes according to the facts like the climate, the water amount of the soil, and different techniques when farming. Nowadays you might have seen pictures of a square type or box like watermelon which are modified. But still, you are here to pick normal one it is a must to check the proper shape. 

The Surface of the watermelon 

Inspect the surface of the melon too. If there for any irregular lumps, cuts, and hollows avoid them. In the cuts or dents may define the presence of microbial like insects or a fungus. Therefore it is really important to check whether your watermelon has a symmetrical and uniform shape without holes or cuts. 

Types of watermelon 

It is a much- hidden fact that watermelon farmers categorize watermelons by gender. In fact male’ type is bigger, with an elongated shape with a watery taste. The female group has a rounded shape with sweetened tasty. Always try to get a fruit that is rounder and more evenly shaped, more than oval ones. The rounder 

melons are famous for their sweetness while the oval fruit may be watery and less tasty. 

Dull looking are the best 

Almost we are frequently familiar with the red-pinkish flesh dotted with black seeds watermelons. But for your information, there are also white-, pink, and yellow- and orange-fleshed varieties, both with seeds and without. When we picking a normal watermelon the color of the skin is extremely important. Make sure to inspect all sides of your product before you commit to one. You should detect more than just seeking for patches. The dull-looking dark green is great to have right now. On the other hand, the shiny peel shows that it is yet to ripe. So don’t go by pretty looks. If there are web-like brown spots on the watermelon skin mean that bees touched the pollinating parts of the flower many times. When more pollination happens the fruit is going to be more sweet and tasty thanks to the bees. 

Stripes checking – How to pick a watermelon

When it comes to stripes the green stripes should be a deep, dark green, while the pale stripes should be a creamy, light yellow. Another important aspect is the field spot. These spots are great indicators of where sugar has been seeping out of the fruit. This will be a yellow spot on the underside of a watermelon. That spot should be a creamy yellow color. The Dark yellow hues are sweeter. If there is a white or a no yellow patches give up the idea of buying it. 

Just lift it up 

Do you know that the largest watermelon ever grown was in Arkansas weighed approximately 120 kg? The typical weight of this fruit range between 9 to 11 kilos. You can have a little workout for hands by lifting some watermelons when you are in shopping. You see, it is fun picking the right one. As a result, when you get it in your hand you will have a feeling about its average weight. In most cases, they feel heavier than they look if it is a good one. Consequently, the more solid it is 

for its size, the higher the water content, resulting in a sweeter fruit. It is healthier to choose neither the largest nor the smallest watermelon. Select a medium-sized fruit and pick the heaviest one for its size. 

How to pick a watermelon by giving it a tap

Watermelons consumers were living in Egypt for more than five thousand years ago. Those Egyptians portrayed watermelon in their drawings on the walls of tombs in the past .Here, Knocking the fruit with your knuckles gently and checking the sound it makes is another trick. This method is famous among many people and especially with watermelon lovers. The sound it is generating while tapping will tell you is it a ripe one or not. If you hear deep sound when you thump indeed it is a ripe watermelon. It is good to go. If it indicates a hollow or flat sound, it’s the almost overripe product. You will get a dull noise if the flesh is soft, which shows it’s at the stage spoiling. Therefore by tapping you can get an idea about its ripeness. 

Evaluate firmness of the rind 

I’m pretty sure that you may have faced even once in your life the situation of forcing yourself to eat bad watermelon which you bought already because of lack of knowledge of the matter. Also, you can note the firmness of the melon by tapping. The surface of the melon should be stiff. Examining the firmness of a watermelon refers to the resistance of the peel or skin. A ripe watermelon should have a thickness that doesn’t give easily when pressured. The ones that do are generally overripe. Also if you can scratch it with your thumbnail without getting discouraging looks of the shop owner, you shouldn’t be able to cut the peel through it. 

The tail is also a good indicator  – How to pick a watermelon

A watermelon’s tail represents the piece of stem that remains attached after the fruit is harvested from the field. The stem makes the path to transport water and nutrients when growing. The stem connects the plant’s other part to the fruit. 

Most of the time the buyers don’t pay enough attention to the stem of the watermelon. The stem will tell you how to pick a perfect watermelon than others. A dried tail indicates that the watermelon is ripe. However, if the tail is green, it undoubtedly means that the watermelon has picked too quickly before it is ripe as it was still growing. On the contrary, a dried stem points to a ripe watermelon. To pick sweeter and riper watermelon, there shouldn’t be a visible stem on the surface. Instead, there should be a small crater, indicating that the watermelon fell off the vine on its own instead of plucking off too soon. 

Best to pick a perfect watermelon in peak season 

Although there are around 50 varieties of watermelon at grocery stores over 300 types which grow in the United States. Picking a watermelon in good quality is a sort of mission. Last but not least this is also going to be a significant trick. It seems that you’ll get the best deals of watermelon at the season time. The peak season lasts between May and September. Now brace yourself to pick the best of the best and enjoy this hydrating and refreshing fruit throughout summer. Using these above tricks you will have the best one among the large stock in the marketplace. 

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