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How to lose weight by controlling hormones

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Hormonal secretions play an important role in the overall functioning of the body. The activations of hormones are different.

Sometimes one type of hormone signals to the brain that body fat needs to be stored, while another hormone signals that body fat needs to be burned.

The only trick we can do here is to learn how to activate the hormones we need and inactivate other hormones. In today’s article we will tell you about it.

01.Hormones that cause hunger

It is a hormone called ghrelin. This hormone signals to our brain that it is time to eat. The most significant of these is the stimulation of the production of the hormone ghrelin by the reduction in the number of calories consumed.

Accordingly, even after a low calorie diet for 12 months, the body’s ghrelin levels remain high. For this reason, low calorie diets are not successful in the long run. It is difficult for our body to adapt to such methods.

What to do?

  • In order to lower the levels of the hormone ghrelin, the body needs to be given strenuous exercise. Cardio exercises, such as running, weight training, boxing, boot camp, etc., are exercises that increase the heart rate to a certain level. Use an instrument to measure heart rate.
  • But there is a simple way to do it. If you can talk while you are breathing fast-deep after exercise, but it is difficult for you to sing a song, it means that your heart rate has reached the correct level.

02.The hormone that tells you to eat less

Hormones that send signals to the brain to eat more and eat less are also secreted by the human body. Leptin is one such hormone. They are produced by fat cells. Therefore, it can be inferred that a person has a lot of leptin in his body depending on his obesity.

However, at some point in our body, if we do not have ‘leptin resistance’, the body may develop resistance to that hormone and as a result, the brain becomes unable to read the signals of the leptin hormone.

What to do?

  • Antioxidant rich foods increase the sensitivity of the brain to leptin (legumes such as legumes, fruits, grains and cereals, fish, eggs, lean meats, dairy products). The more you lose weight, the stronger the effect of leptin.

03.The hormone that absorbs sugar

Insulin is a hormone that is very important for the well-being of the body. They help control blood sugar levels as well as help the body recover from the dangers of exercise. When we eat foods that contain carbohydrates, our body begins to release insulin. This makes it easier for cells to absorb glucose. This glucose is used as energy. However, when the body receives too much glucose, it becomes excess and converts it into fat.

What to do?

  • Choose low-glycemic cereals, vegetables and fruits as carbohydrate-rich foods. The lower the glycemic index, the slower the body’s glucose uptake and the longer it takes to use them. You do not have to follow a strict diet to change your diet unnecessarily. What is needed is to replace foods with a high glycemic index with foods with a low glycemic index. E.g. eating red rice instead of white rice

04.Hormone that signals the need to burn body fat

This hormone called adiponectin is also produced in fat cells. The specialty here is that this hormone increases the sensitivity to insulin and increases the burning of stored fat as energy. Accordingly, this adiponectin hormone is produced in the fat itself and burns the fat. Unlike leptin, it can be assumed that the body has a high adiponectin level based on how thin it is.

What to do?

  • Stay active during the day to increase adiponectin levels. Include foods high in monounsaturated fats (eg fish, nuts, avocados, olive oil) in your diet. Adiponectin levels can also be increased by eating carbohydrate foods that have a low glycemic index at night.

05.The hormone that uses fat

This hormone, called glucagon, is activated in the opposite way to the action of the hormone insulin. These hormones help break down stored carbohydrates and fats and use them as energy. The higher the amount of glucagon in the body, the thinner the body.

What to do?

  • Consumption of foods high in protein and very low in carbohydrates can increase glucagon levels (fish, meat, seafood, tofu, nuts, etc.).

06.Hormones that reduce appetite

This hormone, called adrenaline / epinephrine, is secreted when the body experiences strong emotions, such as fear or anger. These are also known as fight or flight hormones. This hormone is secreted when the brain signals the body to become faster and stronger. The body burns the stored fat as energy. This hormone gradually suppresses the appetite as our body prepares immediately before it becomes active.

What to do?

  • Adrenaline hormone levels can be raised through high-intensity intermittent exercise. For this you can follow an exercise program called HIIT. It is a collection of exercises that should be done over a period of 30 minutes. The short exercises for the heart should be done for a maximum of 30 seconds to 1 minute and then paused for a while. For example, after 30 seconds of sprinting exercise, take a minute of slow walking and rest.
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