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PCOS Hair Loss – Everything You Need to Know

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PCOS Hair Loss

The short name PCOS is referred to as the popular hormone related problem polycystic ovarian syndrome. As the word sounds only the girls will be affected by this condition. Probably, the reason for this is the irregular or dysfunctional menstrual process. But, we can see a number of obese young girls have faced this problem a lot. So, there is a reasonable doubt whether obesity is a risk factor for it. The clinical identification of this condition mostly depends upon the patients complains. Most often they coming for the treatments by complaining about changes in regular menstruation. But, an array of symptoms are there behind this. The PCOS hair loss is one of such a common problem we can see in our young generation. So, we have to explore what are the medical causes behind this in order to find our best-suited solutions. We hope this writing will help you to collect facts on this matter.

Why you experience PCOS hair loss?

As we discuss early the PCOS is a women’s disorder. So, the basic cause for this is the abnormal behaviour of hormone produced in women body. We know estrogen is the main sexual hormone acting in women’s body to produce most of the female characteristics. But, do you know a small percentage of male hormone also are there in their internal systems. These hormones are responsible for a number of vital tasks for their physiological functions.

But, with the PCOS, the body will produce an extra amount of male hormone which is also known as Androgens. Since the female body is not adapted for a higher percentage of this hormone, it starts to show abnormal symptoms. These are excessive hair growth and loss. It means you may notice excessive hair in unusual places such as face, neck and chin and loss of hair in your head due to thinning of roots.

The next matter is whether we can reverse it through PCOS medications or any other possible treatment methods. Let’s discuss this matter by using the next half of this content.

Does the PCOS hair loss reversible?

The lost hair will not regain naturally. But, you can stimulate the roots and scalp for new hair growth to make it reversible. Your physician will guide you for the needed medication at the correct stages. So, you have to be patience and obey their advice until you get well from this condition.

What are the treatment options available?

Since the main issue behind this is a hormonal problem, the best way to address it is through a best hormonal therapy plan. But, you may not be able to avail the expected result just by following one drug regime. So, you have to follow several options to decide the best-suited method for you.

In addition to the drug therapy, you can follow the hair transplant or extensions as well. The combined options will lead you to success.

The last words

Since PCOS hair loss is one of major symptom among the girls who suffer from this medical condition, definitely there should be a hormonal issue. As we identified up to now it is due to excessive production of androgens. So, the best way to solve it is hormone therapy. But, an array of other solutions are also there. Hence, we invite you to follow them along with the advice from a medical person for the best outcome at the end.

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