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Red Potato Nutrition – Read Before eat

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Red Potato Nutrition

Potatoes are always considered as a starchy food item. This is due to the excessive carb percentage stored in this ball-shaped vegetable. But, the percentage of starch may vary with the type of potato and its amount. So, you have to explore the nutrition facts in it by using a unique weight as a sample. Probably, the white potatoes are the starchiest type among others. Since lots of types are there under this family, it is really a challenge to find out the best thing. Do you know a number of beliefs are there in the society regarding this? Among those, the belief in red potato nutrition has rooted in human hearts as a very good source for dietary practices. Do you also believe like that? If so, you might add this at least two or three times a week for daily meals. But, read this before eat it again!

How much red potato nutrition is for the human body?

Basically, a hundred grams or a medium-sized red potato will give you around a hundred to hundred and fifty calories. Since it is less in fat and protein composition most of these calories are coming from the carb stored in it. When it comes to the carbs in here, the total carb amount may vary from twenty-five grams to fifty grams in a medium-sized potato. It contains almost all types of carbs including glucose, fructose, fibres and sucrose. Since all these are simple carbs in nature, it increases the abortion process.

The total fat and protein are available at amounts of nearly two or four grams per serving. Further, it contains a considerable amount of vitamins and minerals as well.

Cook to preserve red potato nutrition

Even though there are thousands of nutrients, there is no use if you do not prepare it in a correct way to enhance abortion. So, the one and only solution us following the best methods to prepare these reddish balls for your dining table. Here are the three best recipes to follow in order to absorb even the last point of its benefits.

  • Boiled potatoes

Boiling potatoes is a well-known recipe in almost all the traditions. But, the matter is no one use it for three daily meals without further processing. But, today you have to stop it. If you eat just a few pieces of this after boiling with a little salt, it will provide a number of minerals to regulate your biological needs.

  • Roast it!

Here, I am not going to recommend tempering, but, if you could use an air fryer or microwave oven to roast the red potatoes.

  • Backed garlic pizza

It is easy to prepare a delicious pizza with red potatoes, garlic and chilli. You can add eggs or piece of chicken if you really love to taste non-veg pizza.

The last lines

Red potato nutrition is admirable when compared to its siblings in the same family. The eye-catching colours of it will cause to increase pleasant look in your plate as well. So, now you can spend your time to try one of the above recipes for a new taste. It will definitely please your taste buds. At last, we would like to invite you to stay connected with us. The upcoming posts in the nutrition will add so many facts for a healthy life!

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