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Seven Food Ingredients You Can Harm

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It has been found that eating certain foods in combination can adversely affect your digestive system and make you more susceptible to disease. Here are seven dietary supplements that you should avoid eating, as recommended by experts.

01.Sandwich + coffee

Many people eat these as a quick snack for breakfast (especially if the sandwiches contain cheese, they may lose their beneficial nutrients). The simple carbohydrates in bread prevent the body from absorbing calcium nutrients and interfere with the proper nutrition of the nervous system and the cardiovascular system. If you choose instant coffee, it will have almost no beneficial effects on your body.

Tip: If you like cheese sandwiches, drink a cup of milk tea or green tea instead of coffee.

02.Tomatoes + Cucumbers

Here are two common types of vegetables used in salads. Researchers say that eating these vegetables in combination can disrupt the body’s biochemical pathways. This is said to cause excessive calcifications and swelling. It is also said that the vitamins and nutrients contained in these vegetables are not well digested.

Tip: Eat them separately. For example, do not add cucumbers to salads when using tomatoes.

03.Potatoes + meat

No matter how tasty it is, this is not a snack combination. Alkaline (alkaline) digestive juices are needed to digest the starch in potatoes. Also, acidic juices are needed to digest the proteins in meat. These can become trapped in the stomach and increase the risk of developing heartburn, flatulence, and abdominal cramps, including flatulence.

Tip: Instead of potatoes for meat, add starchy vegetables. Eg: Vegetables like broccoli cabbage, cauliflower, beans or zucchini

04.Pasta + minced meat

The same reason applies to these foods. The pituitary gland produces styrene and amylase, which convert starchy carbohydrates in pasta into simple sugars. When mixed with this simple sugary meat, a dangerous chemical mixture can form in the stomach. Its effects can increase the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Tip: Eat pasta as a single meal. Always choose specially prepared pastas of durum wheat. Serve with a medicinal sauce mixed with greens and vegetables.

05.Beer + nuts

Many people prefer to drink beer with salt mixed nuts. However, eating too much salt can damage the body and lead to dehydration or dehydration. This leads to the need to drink more beer.

Tip: Drink water to prevent dehydration

06.Dairy products + pineapple

Sour foods slow down the digestive process. Especially if you eat them in the morning. Pineapple contains bromelain, a complex enzyme that can react with dairy products or dairy products to cause poisoning.

Tip: When eating dairy products, replace dried pineapple with dried apricots or raisins.

07.Milk + Banana

Although this is a very nutritious and easy-to-prepare meal, some nutritionists say that it is best to eat sweet fruits separately. Eating them with other foods can slow down the digestive system and cause them to stay in the stomach for a long time. It is better to drink a glass of milk without mixing it with anything.

Tip: Eat bananas as a snack between meals.

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