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Solar Panel Cleaning Service 2021

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After installing solar panels in your home, you think about how to get the most out of your investment. The best way is to make sure that your solar panels have support conditions for power generation.

This can be done by making sure your solar panels are clean. Clean panels increase system efficiency as well as system life.

Why do you need to clean solar panels?

solar panel clean

Cleaning your solar panels is very important. The dirt on the solar panels prevents light from entering. Moreover, solar panels work by allowing light to enter the solar cells. Bird poop prevents dust or pollen light from reaching the solar cells, which ultimately reduces energy production.

Is this necessary to clean Solar Panel?

According to my experience, Most solar panels are self-cleaning. Rain removes large amounts of dirt or pollen. However, there are a few opportunities to clean solar panels. One such case is the installation of solar panels at a shallow angle.

This positioning prevents your solar panels from washing away accumulated dirt that requires regular cleaning.

Another case where solar panels need to be cleaned regularly is a specialized, localized case. A good example is when you live near an agricultural field, an airport run, a factory, or a highway. These places get dirtier than my regular cleaning.

In addition, bird droppings can interfere with sunlight and therefore affect the activation of solar panel systems.

what is the best way to cleaning solar panels?

There are two methods.

  1. Handing over the task to a solar panel cleaning company
  2. Clean solar panel by your self.

Solar Panel Cleaning Service

There are so many solar panel cleaning companies around you. just you need get one call to them and they will do everything for you But sometimes you have to face few issues after getting their service.

  1. cost of cleaning solar panel
  2. Damage your solar panel
  3. not clean well
  4. chemical issues

Avoid those issues you can find good solar panel company in here thumbtack

But on covid 19 situations, you have to avoid people come to your home. So I suggest Clean your solar panel by yourself. And I will provide a full guide A-Z on how to do this job properly.

How Clean Solar Panel

There are few ways to clean solar panels in the home. But the most effective way to clean your solar panels is with a hose and a bucket of soapy water. Essentially, you wash your car at home. Since you do not want to scratch the panels in any way, it is best to use water and a non-abrasive sponge to apply the soapy water.

The Cleaning Process

  1. Spray all panels with water to remove any debris or gunk off.
  2. Mix the cleaning solution with water in the buckets.
  3. Use a soft bristle brush, dip it in the bucket and scrub the solar panels.
  4. Continue with this process until you effectively remove all the gunk off the panel (this may take some time because bird droppings and sap are not easy to clean.
  5. Start to squeegee the panels until there is no water left on them
  6. Put everything away and repeat the process every six months. By doing this your solar panels will remain clean while producing much energy as possible.

How often should solar panels be cleaned

According to experts’ opinion, it’s approximately every 6 months.

Spring and late autumn are good times to clean your solar panels: this can be combined with your semi-annual bowel removal.

Your solar panels may need to be cleaned a little more in dry, dusty areas such as rural farms or in areas with high air pollution, including industrial areas or construction sites, but this should not be done every 3-4 months. This also applies if your solar panels are relatively flat and cannot be effectively and effectively washed away by dust from normal rainfall.

Solar Panel Cleaning Cost

The average charge is $ 3 to $ 10 per panel. Homeowners usually pay between $ 120 and $ 160 for this service alone. Contractors will often set a minimum price for a job, especially if it involves roofing. In this way, solar arrays, no matter how small, cover their time and equipment costs. Do not expect to pay less than $ 100 for this service.

For most systems, annual cleaning will suffice. However, areas with low rainfall may have a frequent need. The value of this service is unique to the specific circumstances of each homeowner.

The following conditions affect your cost:

System Location: Expect to pay those in low- and two-story homes for ground-level units that provide safety measures and extra labor.

Build level: If you have not had a service in a few years, you may need more work and supplies.

Size: Larger arrays take longer to clean, which adds to the labor cost. A very small amount requires a minimum fee to cover the contractor’s costs.

Proximity to the Contractor: If you are too far from where the contractor is, you may encounter a lower fare than someone living within a radius of 20 miles.

Maintenance Agreement: You may have the option to add a maintenance agreement with the purchase of your system. Binding can reduce your annual fee.

Solar Panel Cleaning machine

There are two types of machines to clean solar panels.

  1. Domestic machine
  2. Industrial machine

Domeastic Machines

Industrial machine

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